Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Safety Tips

Learn how to become a stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) expert with our instructors in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Find the perfect adventure while staying in one of our luxury holiday cottages.

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Pembrokeshire is quickly becoming a stand-up paddle boarding hot spot. When not staying in one of the luxury cottages from Treicert (hyperlink), tourists can fill their staycation with adventure when booking a lesson or tour with West Coast Paddle Company.

When staying in Pembrokeshire, you are spoilt for choice with a number of spectacular beaches. The majority of them are dog friendly, meaning that when booking a trip with West Coast Paddle Company, that the whole family can be set for a perfect day out.

Anona and Andrew, owners of Treicert Farm Cottages, are ensuring that holidaymakers have the perfect opportunity to explore the nearby beauty and waters around them. A stand up paddling boarding adventure is the perfect way to round off a luxury cottage stay.

So, let us educate you on water safety before you book one of our SUP lessons. You’re just a few steps away from becoming a stand-up paddle boarding expert and exploring the best coastline West Wales has to offer!


Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Safety Tips

When you book a paddle boarding day out or lesson with us, you’ll be safe in the hands of our qualified instructors. We want everybody to have as much fun as possible when exploring the luscious seas of the Pembrokeshire coastline, but we recommend that if you are a beginner, that you are accompanied by a qualified instructor.

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1. Check the weather!

As scenic as Pembrokeshire can be, we sometimes have wind and rain! If the wind is too strong, it is easy to get blown out too far. This is why we assure you that on all of our days out, safe weather conditions are met.

You shouldn’t paddle board in any wind greater than 12mph, especially if it is blowing off shore.

If you are a bit more experienced and want to go ahead on your own, we strongly encourage you to be aware of the signage on the beach such as the orange windsock, or speak to one of the lifeguards to ensure that it is safe.

2. What type of paddle board should I use?

We get asked this often! Don’t panic, both inflatable and solid boards are certainly sturdy enough to paddle safely. If you do not have a paddle board, we are more than happy to provide one with all our lessons.

One thing we strongly recommend is no matter what board you use, ensure that it has a leash! This is perhaps one of the most important safety aspects of stand up paddle boarding. With a leash, you won’t lose your board and you will be able to keep afloat should you fall off.

You should also wear a suitable buoyancy aid and carry a mobile phone in a waterproof case as this could save your life in an emergency.

We provide all the equipment needed for a safe paddle board session.

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3. Dress appropriately!

We love paddle boarding and we love West Wales. But trust us…. The sea in Pembrokeshire can get pretty cold!

Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Maybe some shorts or leggings, and a warm top to keep the wind off. Also, an old pair of trainers or wetsuit shoes. Wetsuits are optional, but if you don’t have one then don’t worry, as hopefully you will be on the board more than in the water.

Once you’re all suited and booted, we can get on the paddle board! Oh, and of course, please bring a drink and a snack.

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4. Take photos safely!

The coastline in West Wales is beautiful from morning until night, it wouldn’t look out of place on any postcard! We would love for you to share the great time you had on one of our paddle boarding lessons with your family and friends.

If you want to take any photos while paddle boarding, bring a waterproof pouch! Not only do you want to keep it nice and dry, but if you are paddle boarding alone you can use it to call someone in case of an emergency.


5. Don't be brave!

Please don’t buy a board and tackle the waves alone as a beginner! Learning the right technique and having company, especially by one of our qualified instructors, is so important for paddle board safety. Plus, the better you get from our lessons the more time you can spend on the board having fun!

At the West Coast Paddle Company, we offer quality SUP lessons and tours for all abilities around the idyllic coast of Pembrokeshire.

Our coaches are qualified WSA Instructors and are NVBLQ qualified Beach Lifeguards. When booking lessons or adventures with us, safety and fun are guaranteed.

At Treicert holiday cottages, we are so excited not only to be able to offer both a stay in one of our luxury cottages but to fill your holiday with adventure with a stand-up paddle boarding lesson from the West Coast Paddle Company.

No matter what ability you are, you’re more than welcome to book one of our lessons from just £30 per person. Exploring Pembrokeshire’s top-secret coves, dazzling rock pools and perfect beaches, you can make a memory to last a lifetime… or find a new hobby for yourself! Add some extra excitement to your stay at Treicert cottages, all while being in the safe hands of our qualified instructors.

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