Top 8 Welsh Phrases for your Holiday to Wales

So, you’ve put your bags down, sunk into your seat after a long drive and now you’re about to start your holiday in Pembrokeshire. At Treicert Farm Cottages, our comfortable and stylish accommodation is surrounded by natural beauty and the Welsh coast.

When visiting Pembrokeshire, it’s always nice to immerse yourself in the culture and slip in a little Welsh where you can. In fact, our cottages all have Welsh names. They are called

Bwythyn bach = Small cottage
Bwythyn mawr = Big cottage
Y Cartws = The Carthouse
Y Cwtch = The cwtch! Cwtch is a slang phrase, which means to cuddle

Our cottages are family-friendly and are in the heart of Newport, Pembrokeshire. So, while you stay with us and enjoy all of the beauty Pembroke has to offer, use our top 8 handy Welsh phrases below!

sitting outside a cottage having family fun in Pembrokeshire

Welsh Phrase 1 - Bore da/Prynhawn da

Bore da means good morning and prynhawn da means good afternoon. With these handy phrases in your arsenal, you can be sure to greet anybody at any time of day.
“But how do I say it?” I hear you ask.

Bore da/“bore-ray-dah” = Good morning
Prynhawn da/“Prin-haw’n-dah” = Good afternoon

view from treicert

Welsh Phrase 2 - Os gwelwch yn dda/Diolch/Croeso

Please, thank you and welcome! Add these to the end of your sentence when you’re ordering a drink, coffee or meal from one of the many local restaurants near our cottages in Pembrokeshire.

Os gwelwch yn dda/”Os-gwell-och-un-thar” = Please
Diolch/”Dee-olch” = Thank you
Croeso/”Croy-so” = Welcome

Exterior of Y Cartws pembrokeshire holiday cottage

Welsh Phrase 3 - Iechyd da

Cheers! This is often used when you’re clinking together a beer, wine, or anything else. This is used more as a celebratory term, rather than a “thank you”

Iechyd da/”yeah-chid-dah” – Cheers

treicert cottage

Welsh Phrase 4 - Sut dych chi

How are you? This is a very polite way of asking how somebody is doing. Practice it while staying in our farm cottages and immersing yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Pembrokeshire.
So, let’s say it together
Sut dych chi/”sut-dych-key”

breakfast with treicert

Welsh Phrase 5 - Faint o’r gloch ydy hi?

What time is it? This is always good to know as there are so many activities to do in Pembroke and Cardigan, you need to know the time to meet your itinerary and plans, or just to get back to our holiday cottage just in time for a nice warm evening.

Faint o’r gloch ydy hi?/”Faintor-gloch-ydy-hi” = What time is it?


relax in west wales pictures of green grass and trees

Welsh Phrase 6 - Ble mae’r tŷ bach?

Where is the toilet? When exploring what Pembrokeshire has to offer, you always need to stop for a toilet break. From our unspoilt beaches and the 186-mile coastal path, no matter where you’re exploring it’s always handy to know where the loo is!

Also, you can just use “Ble mae” for “where is”.

Ble mae’r tŷ bach/”Ble-may-tee-bach” = Where is the toilet?

explore lower town in fishguard pembrokeshire

Welsh Phrase 7 - Sut mae’r tywydd

What’s the weather like? Let’s be honest, the weather in Pembrokeshire isn’t quite like the Caribbean! Here’s the good news though, if you don’t feel like venturing out, our farm holiday cottages are nice and cosy and are the perfect place to rest up after you’ve done all you wanted to in Pembrokeshire, Cardigan and Fishguard.

Sut mae’r tywydd/”Sut-maer-tuh-wed” = What’s the weather like?

flowers outside bwthyn bach cottage

Welsh Phrase 8 - Hwyl fawr

Goodbye! Say a fond farewell and after you’ve enjoyed your holiday, we would welcome you back with a warm and friendly “bore-da”.

Hwyl fawr/”Hoyl-faw-r” = Goodbye


So, there we have it, our top 8 basic Welsh phrases you can use when staying at one of our cottages. Visit our holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire and immerse yourself in the culture of West Wales. Enjoy a bit of luxury with us, we will see you soon.


“Beautifully clean and comfortable cottage and a great deal of care had been taken over Covid-19 requirements.

Great location – a short distance from the spectacular coast. It was so quiet which was just what we were looking for. We took our dog and the enclosed front garden ensured she was able to sun herself! Highly recommended.”

– Mr Paul Adams, 14.08.20